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Blue/Green Infrastructure Features

Detroit may be bankrupt, but itís 600 feet above sea level

In part three of his series on neighborhood, Francis Grunow goes big picture and places Detroit within a context of global warming, blue/green infrastructure and sustainability over the next 100 years.      

Go blue, go green

Our series on blue-green infrastructure wrapped at a recent speaker series event that featured a panel of experts, business people, and activists who discussed the need for the region to embrace its identity as a Great Lakes metropolis. Project editor Matthew Lewis recaps.

Rainwater man of Southwest Detroit

Meet Jeff Klein, whose business, Detroit Farm and Garden in Southwest Detroit, was opened with a mission to provide quality gardening, farming and landscape resources to the community. Matthew Lewis ties it all to the region's blue-green movement.

Green City Diaries: Conserving water, improving neighborhood life

Detroit residents are finding ways to go blue -- meaning, they are learning about the practical environmental benefits of freshwater infrastructure by creating rain gardens and other water-based landscapes. Matthew Piper dives in to get the story.

Freshwater Metropolis in words and pictures: More than a concept

Now here's a two-for-one treat for our growing blue/green Detroit infrastructure readership: a springtime feature by project editor Matthew Lewis on rain gardens and an equally springy slideshow by photographer Doug Coombe. 
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